Etiquette Tips for More Productive Videoconferencing

Etiquette Tips for More Productive Videoconferencing

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Etiquette Tips for More Productive Videoconferencing

We waste a lot of time in meetings. It’s hard to say we’ve gotten any better in this age of videoconferencing! When meetings aren’t productive, especially online meetings where it’s easier for people to distance themselves, people start missing them or doing other work while they are supposed to be paying attention. If this is you, be careful of your personal brand—it’s pretty obvious when someone is distracted on Zoom, or when they suddenly start missing all the meetings! But there is an answer for productive videoconferencing that presents your best image, and it’s all about three great etiquette tips.

Etiquette Tips to Get More From Your Zoom Meetings

Be on time

While perhaps less disruptive than walking into a room late, being late for an online meeting still sends the message that your time is more important than everyone else’s, or that you can’t manage your schedule. Imagine how your coworkers feel to wait for you to arrive or to catch up on what’s already been said! So always be on time; that’s what the meeting waiting room is for. And it should go without saying that if you respond “yes” to a meeting, that you actually do attend.


Have you ever been to an interview where the interviewer was obviously scanning your resume for the first time? That probably made you feel unimportant and like that person wasn’t super organized. Not the message YOU want to send during a meeting! For the most productive videoconferencing, come prepared with the agenda and any handouts, as well as notes on your speaking points. If you have a key role in the meeting, check with the organizer to see what’s expected of you, and be prepared to answer any questions that fall under your expertise.

Participate without steamrolling

The first rule of productive videoconferencing? Be present! Listen, take notes, and respond, instead of doing other work or playing on your phone. Yes, that means paying attention on Zoom and never having to say, “Sorry, what were we talking about?” (Some people have made this a habit on videoconference, and it is not a good look to be the person who never knows what’s happening!) The second rule of productive videoconferencing? Participate! Offer up information without needing to comment on every little thing. And while you’re at it, make sure you stick to the group’s agenda instead of veering off topic. You can mention these items, but quickly offer to take them offline. Always let the organizer steer the show, even if it means steering you back on track.

More productive videoconferencing, in conclusion

Easy-to-follow etiquette is the key to more productive videoconferencing meetings that present your best image. Which of these tips will you follow today?

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