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Image Consulting & Personal Styling for
Mature Professionals, Active Adults & Seniors

Making Life Easier for Adults Over 40

I coach men and women like you to look current and feel great at any age—to find that boost of confidence to get to the next level, or to enhance the joy of living. You’ll feel more confident, visible, and valued by expressing yourself through style and fashion, whether you’re presenting in the boardroom or boarding a plane to your next adventure. Plus you’ll save the time and money you need to savor more of life’s special moments.

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“Kay helped me think about image in a constructive way, reframing it into a discipline that helps me better manage my wardrobe budget. And in a business where relationships can be forged over having the ‘right’ handbag or shoes, Kay is the queen of helping professionals create the right impact.”

–L. Markus, Managing Director

Tips to Look Current and Feel Great at Any Age

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Golden Rules for Dressing Over 50
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5 Top Fashion Tips for Middle-Aged Women
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